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NewSound 2013: Ana Milosavljevic

NewSound 2013: The Music of Steven Stucky

Overnight Composer Series:
Kyle Bartlett

Overnight Composer Series:
Kristi Kuster

About Ethos New Music Society

Ethos New Music Society is a presenting organization established at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Since 1977, Ethos has been one of the most important advocators of contemporary concert music in Western New York State. Through concerts and workshops by nationally known visiting composers, performance artists, and new music ensembles, as well as concerts featuring student composers and performers, Ethos is able to provide an important cultural service to the university and the surrounding region. Sponsored by the SUNY Fredonia Student Association, Ethos New Music Society is administered and operated by SUNY Fredonia students, under the supervision of its advisor, Dr. Rob Deemer.

Student Composers Series

As live performances of new works is an important aspect of the student composers' artistic growth, Ethos has provided multiple concert opportunities every season since its inception. With concerts of choral music, multimedia works, art songs, and chamber works, the students have the chance to experience various performance genres. The final concert of every season has recently been renamed Past. Present. Future., which brings works by former Ethos members, as well as the winning composition(s) of the Young Composers Competition to the stage along with works by current students.

NewSound Festival

Since 2001, Ethos has presented its NewSound Festival. Featuring composers, performers, and lecturers from across the country, Ethos has provided the SUNY Fredonia community with public concerts, student master classes, and lectures/demonstrations that have showcased the music of the 20th and 21st century.

Overnight Composer Series

In addition to full residencies, Ethos also invites composers to visit campus to give two lecture/presentations on their music and topics of their choosing as well as spending the evening with students and faculty. This allows Ethos the ability to bring in a greater number of composers and become exposed to a much wider sampling of styles, techniques, and personalities. Since it was started in 2010, Ethos has had eight composers come to campus and present

Ethos Laureate Prize in Composition

The Laureate Prize in Composition is given to the composer whose work was voted the best by the Ethos membership.

Works can be selected from any concert/recital during the school year; voting takes place in late April. All works must be presented to the general membership; voting is anonymous. The award will be presented either at the School of Music convocation.

Our guests have included:



  • Samuel Adler
  • William Albright
  • David Amram
  • Leslie Bassett
  • Armando Bayolo
  • Abbie Betinis
  • Per Bloland
  • Steven Bryant
  • Brian Current
  • Christian Carey
  • Corey Dargel
  • Roland Dyens
  • Kenneth Froelich
  • Ruby Fulton
  • Alexandra Gardner
  • Judd Greenstein
  • Rafael Hernandez
  • Tomas Henriques
  • Lee Hoiby
  • Lance Hulme
  • Jenny Olivia Johnson
  • William Kraft
  • Caroline Mallonee
  • Margorie Marryman
  • Missy Mazzoli
  • Paul Moravec
  • William Neil
  • Jonathan Newman
  • David Rakowski
  • Murray Schafer
  • Joseph Schwanter
  • Stephen Scott
  • Marilyn Shrude
  • Rob Smith
  • David Smooke
  • Morton Subotnick
  • George Tsontakis
  • Dmitri Tymoczko
  • Persis Vehar
  • Dan Welcher
  • Amy Williams
  • Dana Wilson
  • Randall Woolf


  • Tony Arnold
  • Rob Auler
  • Auros Group for New Music
  • Pearl Bailey
  • Bowed Piano Ensmble
  • Amy Briggs
  • Buffalo Guitar Quartet
  • Continuum
  • Das Puppenspiel
  • eighth blackbird
  • Florestan Recital Project
  • Flux String Quartet
  • Lindsey Goodman
  • Jacob Greenberg
  • Gregg Smith Singers
  • Jamie Jordan
  • Brendan Kinsella
  • League of the Unsound Sound
  • Meridian Arts Ensemble
  • Modal Kombat
  • NOW Ensemble
  • Clara O’Brien
  • Aurélien Pétillot
  • Raschèr Saxophone Quartet
  • Brian Sacawa
  • Robert Satterlee
  • Michelle Schumann
  • Kathleen Supové
  • Tashi Chamber Ensemble
  • Billy Taylor
  • Tremont String Quartet
  • Amy Williams


  • Stephen Arthur Allen
  • Elliott Antokoletz
  • Mervyn Cooke
  • Vivian Perlis
  • Howard Pollack
  • Lynne Rogers
  • Pieter van den Toorn


Ethos New Music Society gave its first official concerts in the spring of 1977, presenting two concerts featuring dance and electronic music with the help of its founder, Dr. Donald Bohlen. The following fall the organization was acknowledged by the Student Association. Five years later Ethos began its tradition of inviting composers and scholars to campus with a conference on Women in the Arts and a concert featuring Murray Schafer as guest composer. Throughout the 1980s, Ethos presented several student composer concerts and an electronic music concert every year. Several composition clinics were presented in the early 1990s that brought composers to campus to discuss composition pedagogy and young composers. Jazz and rock concerts were sponsored during this time as well, bringing in guitarists Mike Stern and Michael Hedges to campus. By 2001, conferences and symposiums that the organization had sponsored evolved into the Nusound Festival with guest composers Leslie Bassett and Dana Wilson working with chamber groups and large ensembles at SUNY Fredonia. Since then, many composers, performers and ensembles have presented concerts and workshops sponsored by Ethos New Music Society, and in 2007 Dr. Rob Deemer became the new head of composition at SUNY Fredonia and the advisor to Ethos.

Currently, Ethos is in its 35th season!



3136 Mason Hall, School of Music, SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY 14063